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Cappuccino Cup Lid

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  • Cappuccino Cup Lid
  • Pure Porcelain
  • Made in Italy
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Designed to keep your espresso and cappuccino beverages warm, Ancap’s porcelain lids are the perfect addition to any of its coordinating cups. Made of the finest raw ingredients, fired at temperatures above industry norms, and coated in an opulent glaze, each piece embodies excellence, from its elegant profile to its thorough quality.

The cappuccino cup lid is sized to pair with a variety of cappuccino cups, including the Verona 6.1oz, Torino 5.1oz, Edex 6.4oz, and Giotto 6.1oz.

Ingredients: Kaolin, Feldspar, and Quartz
Firing Temp: 2552° F
Height: .67"
Rim Diameter: 3.93"
Weight: 3.6oz
Note that since lids can come from different master molds, there may be some small variance between lids on dimensions and weight.
Dishwasher safe.
While our porcelain is more durable than other ceramics, it should still be treated with care to maximize longevity. We recommend both storage and busing stations to be set up in a manner that prevents cups from regularly coming into contact with one another.