Ancap USA

Located in Louisville, KY, Ancap USA has been the official U.S. distributor for Ancap S.r.l. since 2011. With a central location allowing for quick distribution across the U.S., and a knowledgeable customer service team available for support, Ancap USA’s goal is to provide service on par with the quality porcelain they purvey. Starting in the Fall of 2015, Ancap USA added an in-house Custom Program to its services, allowing for better quality control and more customization options for its U.S. customers.

Ancap U.S.A.
4603 Poplar Level Rd
Louisville, KY 40213
phone icon877.745.8869

Ancap Italy

In the countryside outside of Verona, Italy—Ancàp S.r.l. creates porcelain that is known for its purity, elegance, and exclusively Italian-made standards. Giuseppe Boschini, an eminent porcelain connoisseur and designer, founded Ancàp S.p.A in 1964. Ancàp rose to prominence in the following decades becoming a staple in fine restaurants, hotels, cafes, and kitchen tables across the globe. Ancàp's coffee division specifically worked with baristas to create pieces that are industry standards.

Ancap S.r.l.
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