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Ancap porcelain is designed to perform with excellence, whether it resides in a bustling cafe or a quiet home. Guided by barista input, each piece's interior features an egg-shaped bottom for polished, easy pouring, and a high quality porcelain body for thermal insulation and increased strength.



Without the proper composition of choice ingredients, no porcelain can reach its optimum strength, elegance, and performance. That is why Ancap begins by using only the finest quality Kaolin, Feldspar, and Quartz in their production, ensuring that every piece is composed of only the purest porcelain and free of heavy metals like lead or cadmium.



Quality composition sets the stage for the next defining phase of production, where the raw ingredients are fused together at industry leading temperatures. Topping out at 2552° F, only ceramic composed of high quality materials can survive the extreme level of heat that is unique to Ancap's firing process. This exclusive high-heat production process results in a pure white, hard feldspar porcelain that embodies elegance while maintaining ample durability for daily use.

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The result of this meticulous production process is a pure, non-porous porcelain whose quality is showcased in its elegance, performance, and strength.


Ancap's porcelain collections add an elegant touch to any environment. Pure white porcelain acts as a delightful contrast against the rich colors of coffee and tea, and makes up the gently sloping walls which roll smoothly to the rim. Every piece is coated in a lustrous quartz glaze, which catches the eye and feels smooth in hand, while showcasing the purity of the porcelain. Crafted to pair strength with beauty, Ancap porcelain embodies a unique elegance that lasts.


The traditional Italian focus on design excellence and superior style is showcased within each of Ancap’s collections, with aesthetics ranging from classic refinement to modern simplicity. Every collection features a shared fundamental starting point wherein sleek and uniform side walls gently taper at the rim of each cup. In addition to the classy and diversified shapes of the collections, the rimmed and striped models offer unique and colorful highlights to Ancap's signature pure white porcelain.


Ancap offers an ample selection of cups and saucers throughout its many collections. The variety of size, style, and design options can be paired within or across collections, so every customer can find the perfect combination to express their unique style. Customization is also available, including the addition of branding, accents, and designs, and starts at short runs of 72 total pieces.