Ancap Custom Ordering Guide

Ancap S.r.l. has exemplified the art of porcelain since 1964 when it was founded in the iconic Italian countryside by Giuseppe Boschini, whose characteristic passion and uncompromising spirit remain at the core of the company. Each object, from cups and saucers to hand-painted dinnerware, still receives the same painstaking attention and care as was given by Boschini almost 60 years ago. As a result, the customization process is iterative and collaborative and may take longer than expected. We ask for your patience and flexibility. Ancap porcelain is well worth the wait.

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Ancap USA or Ancap Italy?

Standard pieces and some customization options are available in the United States (from Ancap USA), but many custom pieces and large quantities must be ordered directly from Ancap headquarters in Italy.

Design Limitations

Ancap porcelain is made by skilled artisans and fired at temperatures above 2,500 degrees, making it impeccable, durable, and impermeable, but also making some ambitious customizations impractical.

Production and Shipping

Production at the Ancap factory in Verona typically takes no fewer than 5–7 weeks; and ocean freight (the standard shipping method) takes 8–12 weeks on average. Please be patient.

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The Custom Ordering Process

Book a Consultation with Ancap USA

The first step is to meet with us: Ancap USA. We will determine if your order can be fulfilled by us in the United States or if it needs to be handled instead by Ancap S.r.l. in Italy. Either way, we will share the details about the ordering and production process, discuss your ideas, and advise on the best way forward.

Gather the Technical Specifications

If your order will require more resources than are available here at Ancap USA, it will be forwarded to Ancap S.r.l. in Italy. However, as the stateside representative, we will lead you through the process. At this point, in order to provide you with an accurate quote on the customization package, we will request the following technical specifications:

  • SKU (for each piece you want to order)
  • Item quantities (must be more than 1,000)
  • Pantone colors (final colors may not be exact matches)
  • Vector file (e.g., Adobe Illustrator, SVG) of the design(s)
  • Description of where the design(s) should be placed on the piece(s)

Approve the Virtual Proof

Your application is almost ready to be sent to Italy, but first we want to make sure that your order is exactly what you have intended it to be. We will work with Italy to create a “virtual proof” for your review. If you are pleased with the final design, we will send your application to Ancap S.r.l. for an official quote.

Revise the Design (If Applicable)

The process from here on will be led by the artisans in Italy. They have years of experience with customization, so they know what is and is not possible with porcelain and may, if they see fit, return an application for revision. This is why we call the process iterative and collaborative. We liken it to working with a skilled tailor. If they ask for changes, we will work with you to modify and resubmit your application.

Approve the Physical Proof

The design work is finished at this point. Now a physical sample will be made and sent to you for review. If you approve, the official order can be submitted. Ancap S.r.l. will take your payment and production will begin.

Production and Shipping

Production will take 5-7 weeks and shipping will take an additional 8-12 weeks. During this time, we recommend that you read the Ancap porcelain care tips to ensure you get the most out of your pieces and keep them looking fabulous.

—Molte Grazie!