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Ancap Cupping Bowl - 8.1oz

  • Cupping Bowl
  • 8.1oz (240mL)
  • Pure Porcelain
  • Made in Italy

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Bundle Contents

6 x Ancap Cupping Bowl - 8.1oz - Bundle Component

Ancap’s cupping bowl features a gently rounded profile, which rolls smoothly from its base to its broad opening. It’s classic aesthetic is further accentuated by its dense, pure porcelain body, which adds robust stability to its elegant design.

This cupping bowl holds 8.1oz from base to brim.

Ingredients: Kaolin, Feldspar, and Quartz
Firing Temp: 2552° F
Assembled Diameter: 3.83
Assembled Height: 2.42
Per Unit Weight: 8.4
Disclaimer: Note that since bowls can come from different mast

Dishwasher safe,

While our porcelain is more durable than other ceramics, it should still be treated with care to maximize longevity. We recommend both storage and busing stations to be set up in a manner that prevents cups from regularly coming into contact with one another.